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Sosialisasi PP No 18 Tahun 2016

Minggu, 07 Agustus 2016
Reportage -  Minister of the Interior of the Republic of Indonesia, Tjahjo Kumolo, the Hotel Mercure Ancol Jakarta, Friday (05/08), open socialization related Government Regulation (PP) No. 18 of 2016, Monday (08/08). 

Socialization was attended by the Head of se - namely Indonesia, Governor, Regent, Mayor, District Secretary and Chairman of the Parliament.

"Socialization is discussed on PP No 18 of 2016 on the policy area in synergy with the institutional arrangement of regional planning and budgeting policy in 2017".

According to the minister, the purpose and objectives of this dissemination in order to form the appropriate regional organizations and functions in accordance with the size and the realignment of regional organizations in reducing the number of structural positions without reducing the number of employees.

"Streamlining the organizational structure and bureaucratic officials made ​​in spending can be reduced. In addition, public spending in the local budget (APBD) can be increased, "the minister keys. Listen to what is presented by the Minister of Internal Affairs, the Mayor of Bitung, Maxilian J Lomban very implementation PP No 18 of 2016. All of this feedback will greatly help us in apply in Bitung city Government Environmental later.